Single Personality

There was a time when i used to work for a BIG company. I was paid a decent amount of money. I could afford a reasonably good lifestyle. But it was also a time when i had few pals and i had to drag myself to work 60% of the days.

I had colleagues then i had friendly colleagues then i had one or maybe two friends! Now i have almost all the staff as pals and i have never ever dragged myself to work. I enjoy the banter, the glib talk, the little fun we keep having over tea.

We have also posted a healthy growth over the past few months. I think the above two aspects i.e. we having fun and accomplish good work at the same time have been instrumental.

The clinching factor is not “fun + work“. It’s all of us coming to work with our own personalities. We are much likeable and agreeable in person than our work lives! This way we like each other and enjoy each others company. Which indirectly makes us more productive!!

Not having a work mode translates into living a better and happier life. We display the same emotions which we would have displayed out of work. We crib openly about work load, sometimes about pay. I know i get to hear the most of it as iam the boss!!

This might be a lop sided view of my world, but hey i still love it!!


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