Customer Satisfaction And Revenue

I hate bank X.

The employees of bank X were rated on their ability for higher number of ‘product sales’. As is the norm, the bank reviewed it’s employees vis-a-vis revenue generated.

This is akin to a local restaurant selling a large number of dinner plates in an effort to improve revenues but by compromising on quality. Restaurants are known by their food, ambiance and in general hospitality.

I do not intend to compare the hospitality and/or service industries. But this does warrant attention whether the revenue expectations levels by promoter and the satisfactions levels the customer expects from the company are aligned or should they be aligned?

Customers who will not hesitate to voice their opinion about what they think about your product/service and even sport a signboard to your competitor.

The bank had no system in place which measured customer satisfaction levels per employee(info-courtesy a friend who worked for the bank). A bit of googling helped me.

They may well do to read this(pdf) and see if it applies to them.

You can find a more pointed article on customer satisfaction in banks here(pdf). This professor has a view on the topic.

After a year of bad service i decided to close my peanut worth savings account with them and opened a new one with a larger more aggressive bank. I am a satisfied customer today.


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