To-Do – 2009

While we have had a good run in the past couple of years, the economic downturn has put a dampner on what otherwise could have been a great year. As of now we seem all set for a mere 4% growth. This too has a probability of about 50%. Some argue that we could have done better, others say we have done better than expected. I for now will let these numbers aside and concentrate on what we can do to strengthen our structure. So i came up with a list of To Do Items for the year 2009.

Since any list should be specific and am a strong believer in targets with dates i figured we need a list which will not just contain random or vague ideas but specific commitments. This :”improve quality” should be “improve quality by 25%” which could translate to “reduce rejections by 25%” assuming rejections are the only barometer to quality in your organization.

In no particular order,

  1. Have an employee feedback system in place, at all levels. We currently have a very rudimentry feedback system.
  2. Improve Quality by 25%. note to self: Pay attention to number of rejections! Measure number of rework items.
  3. Reduce Delivery Times by another 50% – reduce communication times. Insist on drawings within 15 working days. Setup a measurable TAT (Turn-Around-Time) system.
  4. Setup a Sales and Marketing team by September. This includes hiring, training and introductions to a few customers.
  5. Improve storage techniques on the floor, get wooden floor stands for cylinders.
  6. Greater amount of labelling on the floor. Label all ‘stands’, all items in store as well as on floor.
  7. Get the workshop painted by October.
  8. Get dashboards for Stores, Design, Quality, Production and Subcontracting in order and in place by 1st April 2009. Atleast begin and alter as days go by.
  9. Arrange for a cooling solution inside factory before summer.
  10. Reduce Operating Costs by 25%. – in tandem with quality initiative, employ a rudimentry just-in-time procedure. Reduce time lag as much as possible at all levels.
  11. Setup Inspection And Testing area by April 2009.
  12. Extend the workshop as per the layout by architect. – April 2010.
  13. Finalize and Approve the drawing by architect to extend the workshop – April 1st 2009.
  14. Complete the design document with detailed procedures – April 1st 2009.

That should do for now. I will add to the list as days go by. I would also want to revisit this list and review it so that i do not loose track of it myself. so long.. !


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